Introduction to Sachin Mandloi’s Blog

Reasons why I chose to make authorship of this blog

This blog is an attempt to capture the voice of the common people, as seen from my eyes. Also a platform to share my views/ideas with respect to the latest happenings around the world specially in today’s fast paced, ever changing technology which drives our life today and effects it has over our daily routines and habits to a larger extent.

The reasons, why I chose to make authorship of this blog public are both personal as well as recent events in the country of my birth India. India, beyond the nation-state it is, is a civilizational-state, its influence on arts, science, religion, governance, trade and foremost spirituality had defined the world history like no other people. Its cultural, social and family institutions have stood the test of time, for the best of human-kind. India has always been the land of miracles from Ancient India to Medieval India, From Medieval India to Early modern India, From Early modern India to Modern India and today India comprises of Modern India and भारत (rural India).

There comes a time in life when people who look up to you wants to hear your ideas or opinions about certain issues/happenings which may concern them. This blog was envisioned about three years ago. In the making of this blog and its message, I discussed with very few people about the authorship of this blog.  To be honest, being anonymous is never my style but on the same time I never enjoyed being in lime light or being in focus. I have always been a king maker (or king of kings) keeping myself grounded with a low profile, made a lot of kings and destroyed a few with my game changer abilities. Let your work speak for you, and when it does you do not need words to speak for yourself. But what about people who have not seen your work or haven’t seen you in action ?

These were the primary reasons for me to start this blog.

The Sachin Mandloi’s blog would be focused mainly around technology world and news but from time to time would take up national/international (global) subjects/issues as well which can or may affect the society based on my personal experience and see If I could contribute to the subject being discussed. Wherever the observations/facts/views/graphics/images would not be my own I shall mention them with source/credit.

Any references of person/s in the blog except those in public space would be only by first name or the names would be changed to respect their privacy.

Any monetary gains from the blog would be given by me to various issues of concern to the society one of them is medical treatment to all street animals and birds, removing them from pain and trying to give them a new and healthy life.

Author: Sachin Mandloi

I'm a technocrat and entrepreneur. I've co-founded a couple of weird companies and will probably co-found a couple more.

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